quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

19. Watch Lifehouse Playing Live

Lifehouse is an alternative band originated in Los Angeles. With more than fifteen million singles, the band is a total success and has sold out many tickets in their world wide performances. Their first album for instance, was called Lifehouse and has one of their most famous single, "You and Me", that appeared in more than 6 movies and was downloaded by four million people, according to the Itunes program. Clearly, they are a talented group that has been increasing their success throughout the ages.

Picture taken from here.

I love Lifehouse and their songs are quite inspiring for me. The lyrics are deep and the rythm is most of the time slow and smooth. Their music talks about difficulties that each and everyone of us face sometimes and the lyrics gives us strength to carry on when we face these problems, like the song "Hanging by a Moment".

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