quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

15. Play a Soccer Game in Pacaembu

Pacaembu is the soccer estadium where the known team of São Paulo, Corinthians, resides in. It is known as the "home of the 'corinthianos' ". The true name of the estadium is "Dr. Paulo Machado de Carvalho " and can fit more than 37,000 spectators.

Picture taken from here.

I am a super fan of Corinthians and I cheer for this team. Playing a game there would be like a dream come true, being that I would have the feeling of knowing that I was kicking a ball where so many awsome players and players from Corinthians especially, for example Ronaldo that already stepped in that field and played there. It would be an incredible sensation.

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